• Frank James

When Choice Is No Choice

Creepy lawyer Alan Doucherwitz has publicly said the the Government can give you two choices with the proposed, highly suspect, warp speed vaccine. #1. Allow the Government to forcibly stick you with a needle if you don't want the vaccine or #2. Refuse it and never again be allowed back into society. He sputters this because o one has the right to be Typhoid Mary ( hey dipwadd this isn't typhoid). I have expressed a fear that things seem to be going in this direction. Unless we suspend the law ( like we seem to have the Constitution) Douchie seems to have softened in the brain a might. First, if the vaccine is more than a Gatesian DNA altering, eugenics driven nightmare and most people get it, who will I infect? #2 Neither the constitution, the Government or the law has power over my body. What's more vaccines react differently in different people. If it winds up killing me I die so others don't get a virus 99% curable? Don't fear the virus, fear the vaccine.


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