• Frank James


We are in the midst of an unprecedented attack on our Constitution as well as our very way of life. While many of us are content to sit and wait for the very Government that is either directly or tacitly responsible for robbing these rights to "set us free", others are seeing the proverbial "handwriting on the wall". There has long been a covert, subversive cabal extant in the world dedicated to "guiding" the lives of the world's populace while simultaneously decimating its population. Whether you call them the Illuminati, deep state or as they are best known The New World Order (NWO) there mission is clear to anyone willing to dispense with the NWO created term "conspiracy theory". Even a cursory perusal of the extant information provides a clear insight into how the pieces are coming together, but that is a future blog. Here we are interested in the aegis for this coup and I am afraid some of US are it. While these same factors are playing out world wide I will focus on the U.S. We have largely become a nation of sated, complacent beings content to sit back and have information seep into our skulls and then have those with an agenda explain, in self-serving terms, what this "news" means. We have become feckless, unintelligent, uncritical, and down right stupid. The American spirit to fight for what we know is right extends no further than "Tweeting" about the next distraction they set up to drive our limited attentions spans away from the decades or longer take over. COMPLACENCY AND IGNORANCE ARE THE ENEMIES OF FREEDOM. It's ten minutes to midnight are you going to save our Constitution and our country or are you going to let all of the blood shed by our great American heroes become merely a red splotch on the crimson-ink writings of a NWO?

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