• Frank James

Unmasking The Truth

So here we are in the midst of one of the most troubling times not only in U.S. history but in world history. We are being asked to forfeit our constitutional rights on many levels. Did I say asked? I meant mandated. One of these "mandates" is to wear a mask when out in public. The reasoning behind this seems to change on a daily basis and there is a great deal of evidence that it is, to put it mildly, counterproductive. The presented rationale is offered in an altruistic way in order to play on public sympathy. We are not doing it for ourselves but for others. This, coupled with "social distancing" are supposed to "stop the spread". In reality vast research shows that mask wearing is affecting our breathing and lung capacity, incubating disease including the virus, limiting oxygen to the brain (something some of us can ill afford), causing panic and anxiety in those who suffer these maladies and in many cases even in those who don't, and a litany of other physical, mental, and emotional maladies available in the extant literature. There is something else it is doing that is far more insidious. Wearing a mask is suppressing our immune systems (as does the fear, panic, and anxiety initiated by mask wearing), weakening them, and suppressing herd immunity and the exposure of the virus to sunlight. These latter factors seem to be setting up the perfect storm for infection now or when the second wave comes (is released?). Dr. Fauci himself in the beginning offered that the masks were far less than necessary. Before I "uncover" the last insidious aspect of this questionable practice I want to say that I cannot decide for you whether or not you want to or need to wear a mask, I can only suggest you do it only where mandated. Now to the final insidious reasons, in my estimation. First, it is killing the human factor. We can no longer smile at one another of or even see facial gestures. These are important elements in human interaction. Not being able to do this causes psychological damage we are not even cognizant of. Finally, the masks are a sign to whomever is behind this that we have, rather easily, been cowed.

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