• Frank James


So here we are well on our way to a dystopian society right out of an episode of the classic (read interesting and thought provoking as opposed to obvious and clumsy liberal preaching) "Twilight Zone." We suddenly woke up one morning and found that we were in the midst of a "Pandemic". The particulars of this world changing event have grown at a pace that has outdistanced common sense and rationality. We are being dragged into what has been termed in endless commercials and bug-eyed panic newscasts as "the new normal'. On the surface this just sounds like jingoism or some jargon meant to quell existential fears that are growing at a pace even faster than the "numbers" of those infected with this virus of highly questionable origin. I say "on the surface" because the covert goal of the use of this term and others are meant to cultivate an acceptance of a new way of life which may well wind up being the antithesis of what most of us know as the American way of life. I will not go into the cultural or local shadings of that term, suffice it to say it is a world where we dictate our own level of risk management as opposed to having it decided for us. It is a world where masks are worn by super heroes and cartoonish burglars. Where social distancing is usually reserved for those of questionable hygiene. The new normal you are being inculcated into is a step on the journey to a world which has been contemplated by those who have long harbored a vision of a world not unlike that of a certain failed German painter. I urge a resistence to this 'new normal". For most of us the old normal was just fine and that must be what we work towards and fight for. So don't worry about finding ways to "do old things in new ways" (there's that term "new" again) we were fine with our way of doing thinga. that is the road best traveled and one we may well have to fight for.


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