• Frank James

Scamdemic Pt.8

A lot has transpired since the last time I posted. I was shut down 7 days on Twitter and 30 days on FB in the same week for truth telling ( thus the blog). In the interim I have come to the conclusion that Trump is NWO

( "Masks are patriotic", "Things will get worse before they get better", touring warp speed Gates vaccine factories) and there will be no Nov. election ( not a single debate, Biden STILL hasn't picked VEEP, neither man campaigning). On the positive side, I urge everyone to watch the Breitbart video of the White Coat Summit where doctors and scientist set the table for Fauci and other "experts" being liars worthy of crimes against humanity tribunal. Folks we need to fight through the fear and lies and save our children- before it's too late!..( to be continued)...


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