• Frank James


The genesis of the new surge in rioting and " protesting" over the non- existent, lefty created " systemic racism" was the " death" of career criminal, pregnant mother assaulting, drug user George Floyd. A shop owner called police over a counterfeit bill angelic George was trying to pass after 9 stints in the can. 3 cops arrived, all posing for the camera as one cop ( who formerly worked with Floyd) kneels on Floyd's neck and as Floyd is supposedly suffocating because of lack of air for 8 minutes he manages to shout "I can't breathe" which if really choking would be a biological impossibility. This Soros funded Kubuki theatre production ends with a rubber EMS dummy with no legs or hair placed and covered on a stretcher, the cop who "killed" him replaced with a poor double, and the Soros/ Gates funded ANTIFA and BLM rioting, burning, looting and generally destroying the spectacular failure known as BLEXIT. In the interim blacks of no discernible talent such as professional fat person Oprah, Whoopi, Spike and every professional poverty pimp have made their demands. Cops, national guard, military, Dem politicians , celebrities and sports figures have embarrassingly and laughing knelt in front of these Soros -race-riot players signaling their submission to the NWO takeover and showing they are NOT on America's side. Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben have been scrapped as has countless statues in an effort to show these globalist companies are on board with NWO and to erase American be continued


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