• Frank James


I am endeavoring to lay out the full story of the NWO initiated scamdemic as I see it. The genesis of where we are now is the plan for the NWO ( please do research on this cabal as their history is too lengthy to include here) to take over/control/enslave the entire planet. They are an old cabal but the plan proper was brought to fuller fruition during Kennedy administration. In the fullness of time such haters of American life as George Soros and eugenicist Bill Gates have been at the forefront of this Satanist group. In the fullness of time Gates has poured huge amounts into developing a vaccine to lessen world population by 1.8 billion people and Soros has worked on fomenting a race war. The need to mandate this vaccine would need to be a global pandemic of a manufactured and purposely dispensed virus: COVID19. To be continued...

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