• Frank James

Lambs To The Slaughter

So the rubber has hit the road folks. Despite the "fact" that this virus is still deemed " novel" they have developed vaccines 90% and 95% effective. This despite the fact that no vaccine in history has had this rate of effectiveness nor can it be applied to vaccines with such relatively small sample numbers and over such a short period of time. I guess we need to understand that they are not meant to be effective against a virus but instead for their intended purposes; eugenics and enslavement. They are pulling out all of the stops with lies about so many positive test results with an impossibly ineffective testing method and despite the fact that they have yet to prove the virus even exists. All if this and yet our current POTUS is pushing the vaccines like a crack dealer on speed. He has also found time in his busy schedule to act as a bellwether leading his sycophants to the Washington slaughter with nary any protection, police action or a tweet. Dark Winter.

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