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This catchy little phrase seems to have hit a nerve. When I first " tweeted" it on Twitter it received hundreds of likes, retweets, and excited messages. If my business wasn't dying and my income at zero, I would print it on t-shirts. There is now a mountain of evidence that the " warp speed vaccine" will contain fillers right out of a science fiction movie. Gates, the evil mastermind behind the plot to control the world, has admitted it will kill millions of seniors world- wide. In addition it is purported to contain sterilization properties, immune system destroyers, under-the-skin micro-chip tattoos and all manner of bizarre, soul-destroying "fillers". Yet leaders world wide, including our own, seem to be going in full bore. Trump supposedly wants to be the "first" to come out with the vaccine and get us poisoned at " warp speed". Take note that the " prize" of being first is how Gates said he convinced Trump to get on board.

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