• Frank James

Cure ( Far) Worse Than Disease.

So here we are in the midst of a worldwide scamdemic so obvious that all but the most intellectually lazy can see what's going on. We closed our country for a virus that's 98.3% recoverable. In the process we are enduring a second Great Depression, exponential growth in childhood suicides, a drastic increase in drug and alcohol overdoses, spousal and child abuse, loss of immune system and herd immunity, rises in depression and other mental illness and an intensification of symptoms in those already suffering, food shortages, the countless maladies engendered by wearing a mask, loss of human contact and a host of other disasters not yet assessed. Again, why? For a highly recoverable virus, basically seasonal flu enhanced? No! It is so a luciferian, eugenicist and his NWO cronies can start world depopulation and a NWO takeover. WAKE UP AMERICAN before it's too late!

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