• Frank James


If we are to fight this battle of good versus evil it is imperative that we are all on the same page. To that end I am offering a list of the reality of this current nightmare.

  1. Wearing a mask is NOT healthy for healthy people. It affects our immune system which is vital to our staving off sickness and carries a wealth of physical and psychological problems.

  2. It is scientifically injurious to have healthy people quarantine.

  3. If we had not locked down we would have achieved heard immunity by now and virus would have been exposed to sunlight and died off

  4. The extreme financial, physical and mental suffering we have done has NOTHING TO DO WITH A VIRUS

  5. What we are experiencing is an attempted world takeover by the New World Order led by Bill Gates and George Soros

  6. The recent "killing" of a black man by a cop was staged as was the riots by George Soros who wants to initiate a race war to divide us

  7. There is no way a safe vaccine can be developed in less than 5 years or perhaps never. The vaccine, like the virus was manufactured for Bill Gates who wants to cut the world population in less than half with a vaccine which will kill the elderly and sterilize the rest of us.

  8. We MUST NOT accept contact tracing, madatory testing vaccines or chipping or our world will be changed, for the worse, forever