• Frank James

Conspiracy Is Not Always Just a Theory

As we move inexorably towards the NWO's much touted "New Normal" it is somewhat easy to understand how the uninitiated can shut down whenever there hear a concept, idea or even fleeting mention of something which can be labeled with the moniker "New World Order". The now familiar term "conspiracy theory" springs to mind and is as easily evoked as when you mention the "Kennedy assassination" or "9-11". The fact is that this term was created by the NWO to stop the conversation and in many cases to catapult it into the realm of "those idiots who talk about these stupid theories" is totally missed .The thing to keep in mind is that, if you are constantly trying to fit square pegs in round holes that may be a conspiracy theory. On the other hand if all of the pieces fit seamlessly, than you have the truth. All the pieces are there my friends, now why don't you stop getting distracted and start putting them together?