• Frank James


Words are powerful tools. The ability to communicate clearly can be the difference between making a salient point and confusing the message. Words work on many levels both overt and subliminal. The usage of words, "buzz words". slogans and jargon have been especially salient during the current "scamdemic" (to coin a "word"). On nearly every commercial currently blaring on our television sets we here the term "New Normal". This term on the surface seems harmless but is actually a subliminal nod to a "New World Order" as is the tag line "Americans are finding a New Way Of Doing Things". In both instances we are being prepared to accept a new way of life; their way. We are also being emotionally manipulated by phrases like "We are all in this together" and "We/They are heroes". To make us embrace the concept of a "Global Community" (read New World Order). With all due respect conferring the title of "hero" so readily has been a problem in this country for a while but especially so during this scamdemic. While those working in hospitals on the front line should surely be admired, doing the job you chose to do is not exactly "heroic" but it does serve to illicit a warm and fuzzy feeling of pride and acceptance of the scamdemic. Finally, the most egregious use of a word. The word I am referring to is "expert". To be more precise I am elaborating on its usage when referring to doctors Faui and Birx (not to mention the spate of Grim Reapers trotted out on CNN on a nightly basis). Even given the fact that the virus is "novel" one would expect the country's leading experts to be correct at least once. That coupled by the fact that neither doctor is conferring with others in their field who are offering much information which is widely at odds with their grim assessments. Experts don't operate in a vacuum unless they have an agenda. Going forward we may want to reassess how we define the words "hero" and "expert".

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