• Frank James

A shot in the arm or in the head?

Updated: May 17

So here we are many months now into a pandemic which has every appearance of being a " scamdemic". 15 days to flatten the curve has turned into wait until we have a vaccine. Anyone with an I.Q. above a raisin can see that the real motivation is to take over the planet NWO style. There is no attempt to hide it. The UN, WHO, Kissinger, countless liberals and even commercials are touting " The New Normal". But this is anything but normal.A vaccine is decidedly NOT the answer to addressing a virus 98.3% recoverable. The best vaccines work only 43% of the time, virus mutates, they are expensive, dangerous to certain populations and can contain eugenics GMOs. Yes, eugenics GMOs. You see, this is about controlling the world with a virus, mandatory vaccines which will kill off half the world's populations and mandatory chipping to track our every move to avoid an uprising. If our President uses the term "mandatory vaccine" as in you can't return to society unless you take it, then bend over- and kiss your butt goodbye